How to Walk Away by Katherine Center, a short review

A book for those who are searching for meaning in a life that no longer feels like theirs. "When you don't know what to do for yourself, do something for someone else." If you're looking for an inspirational steamy romance, this is the book for you. It's full of sizzling touches, longing glances, and enough [...]


Overheard on the Oncology Floor (2)

One thing I really like about posting these quotes is that no one knows the context. Like you wouldn't have expected the first quote about chess to be said by a pediatric patient, or what sparked the problem of the book being stuck to their diaper. You don't know how old someone is, what kind [...]

I Dated a Gay Man

My most recent relationship was with a man everyone thought was gay before we started seeing each other, I just clearly missed the memo. As I struggled my way through this relationship that was way more trouble than it was worth in the end (clearly), my friends just stood back and watched me try to [...]

Who is this Man?

When I left for college 5 years ago, I left at home a little brother. A little brother who was just starting his freshman year of high school. Who was focused more on his sports dreams than girls. A little brother who still had stuffed animals in his room and never had to work for [...]


Hello and welcome to my brand new blog! You may be asking yourself, what am I doing here? She has no followers, no posts, and a very remedial looking site. BUT have you ever heard of the saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? The same thing goes for blogs. If every single blog [...]